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HemoCue® Glucose 201 DM RT System

Handheld and battery-operated system with room temperature microcuvette storage and data management, ideal for glucose testing in mobile settings

With its unique cuvette technology, the HemoCue Glucose 201 DM RT System gives you accuracy at the point of care and with a workflow that reduces the risk for spreading infection. Plus, you have the added controls and productivity means made possible with advanced data management.

With instant data connection, customizable prompts and more, you gain tighter control of authorized use and higher efficiency in everything from patient management to billing.

Enables the highest accuracy with the lowest risk

  • Used for screening, monitoring and diagnosis of diabetes mellitus
  • Microcuvette technology means no need to bring analyzer near patients, reducing the risk of spreading infection
  • Individually wrapped microcuvettes to minimize contamination and maximize shelf-life


Safeguards patient testing and data

  • Customizable automatic prompts for patient ID, operator ID, lot numbers, etc.
  • User login and lockout functions
  • Quality control tests, including QC lockout, linearity and proficiency testing


Offers convenience and efficiency

  • Portable and battery-operated system with room temperature microcuvette storage
  • Automatic transfer of results
  • Reduced manual entry errors

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