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Primary Care

Conditions such as anemia, diabetes and even infections are often common in primary care settings. Point-of-care testing means convenience for you and your patients. 

Depending on health care structure in a given country, the first entry for care may vary. In many countries primary care acts as the gate keeper for specialist care and as such the primary care physician and their team meet and treat patients with non-communicable diseases, e.g. diabetes and hypertension among other.  They also meet patients with infections, with pain and those who just not feel well. The common denominators are the person looking for advice and the health care provider. To build this into a good relation requires skills. Skills to listen not only to what is said, but also to the unspoken. It requires knowledge about what objective actions can/need to be taken. It may also require access to tools; laboratory tests, X-rays etc. and know how soon they can be available.

HemoCue can offer some tools, some solutions for you. We do not say that HemoCue have all the answers. What we can say is that there are symptoms that can be detected fast and easy, to serve as important guidance as well as supporting an efficient workflow and engaging patient care.

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