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HemoCue® HealthTrender Anemia is a solution that assists you in the fight against anemia. It does so by providing immediate insight through real time data to the program manager for instant review and monitoring of your anemia program. HemoCue HealthTrender Anemia ensures optimal usage of resources to secure maximum outcome of your healthcare program.

Anemia is a public health problem that affects over 2 billion people globally. Failure to reduce anemia worldwide consigns millions of women to impaired health and reduced quality of life. For generations of children it means impaired development and learning, which leads to communities and nations loosing productivity as well as development.

Today, there are numerous programs spending billions of USD to fight anemia in developing countries. Many of the programs are executed by village clinics, healthcare centers and NGOs in rural areas under harsh conditions with limited access to electricity, pure water combined with a poor infrastructure. Under these conditions it becomes virtually impossible to collect data, to review, act or evaluate the programs in a timely and effective way; something that has been requested for a long time but never adequately solved.

HemoCue HealthTrender addresses this problem in a few simple steps

1) Attach HemoCue BT Connect to your HemoCue Hb 201+ Analyzer. The Bluetooth antenna enables transfer of the hemoglobin (Hb) result to a mobile application.
2) Enter additional information in the mobile app, such as location, age, gender, weight and length.
3) Data is automatically transferred to a secure smart cloud. If you are off-line the data is stored locally and transferred at a later occasion ensuring no loss of anemia data.
4) Access and visualize the population data through the HealthTrender Anemia web service including dash boards, statistical analysis and other services.

HemoCue HealthTrender Anemia offers an easy access for the project managers to instantly review and monitor the progress and decide on immediate actions to ensure the desired outcome of your healthcare program in the fight against anemia.


Watch the documentary about the Orchid/HealthTrender project in Maharashtra, India below

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