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HemoCue® Albumin 201 System

Used for screening and monitoring of microalbuminuria and is ideal within diabetes care, hypertension treatment and as a possible marker for preeclampsia during pregnancy

The HemoCue Albumin 201 System is an easy, lab-accurate means of identifying microalbuminuria – long before any possible symptoms of renal or vascular complications may appear. HemoCue’s patented microcuvette technology enables quantitative test results right at the point of care. You can make immediate treatment decisions, and give direct feedback to the patient.

Certainty in vital decisions

  • Lab-accurate results for screening, diagnosis and monitoring
  • Ability to monitor changes in albumin concentration in the very low range (5-20 mg/L)
  • Detection of low concentrations enables early treatment to delay the onset of future microvascular complications


Fast results with ease

  • Ease of use with minimal training – Three simple steps
  • Test results in just 90 seconds
  • No need for lab confirmation due to quantitative results


Trusted and accepted methodology

  • Built on HemoCue’s proven microcuvette technology
  • Factory calibrated system, ensures sustainable and reliable results

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