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HemoCue® Docking Station

Proudly introducing PDS+ and SDS+. Rely on increased network speed and enhanced communication between analyzers and docking stations. 

Fast, reliable and stable

The new upgraded versions of the HemoCue® 201 DM Primary Docking Station and HemoCue® 201 DM Secondary Docking Station (SDS) have added functionality: 

  • Faster data transfer 
    • Support for 100 Mbit/s full duplex
  • New software and hardware for improved stability
    • Enhanced communication between Docking Stations and Analyzers
    • Secondary Docking Station LED functionality
  • Multi-docking for workflow optimization 
  • Battery charging 
 HemoCue docking station

Connect up to four secondary Docking Stations to one HemoCue@ Primary Docking Station 

Network communication with a pre-defined destination (PC or Data Management Server) via the HemoCue @ Primary Docking Station.

  • Recharges analyzer battery while analyzer is docked
  • Allows measurements to be performed while analyzer is docked
  • Up to 4 HemoCue Secondary Docking Stations can be connected to one HemoCue® Primary Docking Station

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